Bling Bell NecklaceBling Bell Necklace
On sale

Bling Bell Necklace

$38.00 USD $57.00 USD
Diamond Tree StudsDiamond Tree Studs
On sale

Diamond Tree Studs

$28.00 USD $48.00 USD
Drop Snowflake EarringsDrop Snowflake Earrings
On sale

Drop Snowflake Earrings

$16.00 USD $40.00 USD
Xmas Tree EarringXmas Tree Earring
On sale

Xmas Tree Earring

$14.00 USD $48.00 USD
Coin Pendant NecklaceCoin Pendant Necklace
On sale

Coin Pendant Necklace

$28.00 USD $44.00 USD
G' Elk StudsG' Elk Studs
On sale

G' Elk Studs

$28.00 USD $47.00 USD
Meteor Pendant NecklaceMeteor Pendant Necklace
On sale

Meteor Pendant Necklace

$28.00 USD $45.00 USD
Xmas Tree BroochXmas Tree Brooch
On sale

Xmas Tree Brooch

$12.00 USD $37.00 USD
H' Elk StudsH' Elk Studs
On sale

H' Elk Studs

$28.00 USD $47.00 USD
Xmas Hoop BroochXmas Hoop Brooch
On sale

Xmas Hoop Brooch

$12.00 USD $40.00 USD
Xmas Tree Drop EarringsXmas Tree Drop Earrings
On sale

Xmas Tree Drop Earrings

$12.00 USD $41.00 USD
F' Elk StudsF' Elk Studs
On sale

F' Elk Studs

$32.00 USD $52.00 USD
Novella Charm NecklaceNovella Charm Necklace
On sale

Novella Charm Necklace

$39.00 USD $65.00 USD
Clipe Epoxy RingClipe Epoxy Ring
On sale

Clipe Epoxy Ring

$26.00 USD $44.00 USD
Good Luck Pendant NecklaceGood Luck Pendant Necklace
On sale

Good Luck Pendant Necklace

$28.00 USD $44.00 USD
Diamond Cross HoopsDiamond Cross Hoops
On sale

Diamond Cross Hoops

$19.00 USD $40.00 USD

Christmas Elk Earrings

Merry Christmas!

Sparkling with beauty, shining with pride, captivating charm. Add some sparkle this Christmas.

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